Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014

We awoke to shocking news that our friend, Ryan Walters, passed away after suffering complications from pneumonia and H1N1. We was our age - a young husband and father of six - which made the entire thing more sobering for us. I am grateful for my knowledge that the separation that death brings, regardless of how heart wrenching and excruciating that separation is, is only temporary. Ryan is now with his Father in Heaven, having completed what he was sent to do. My heart is breaking for his sweet wife and children - having to be separated from their husband and father. I can't imagine the grief. I know that I am more aware of my blessings, more aware of the details of my life, especially my relationships. Life is short, and unpredictable. I commit to being more loving, more forgiving, let go of grudges, hold my loved ones close and treat them with all the love I can muster. It has been one of those wake up calls that life throws at us. Rest in peace, Ryan - you left a legacy of love and a beautiful family.

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